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Board Wargames Published in 2006

Mister Nizz

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Version 1.1 Released

My IGA colleague, Allan Poulter, runs Web-Grognards. This is a fact which would come as a surprise to none of you if you are a fan of board wargaming. Every year Alan does is thing to support the vetting process for the Iggy Awards, and that's to compile the list actual published wargames in a given year. The process of narrowing down the list for the Iggy consideration may prove interesting for people who are curious about the processes involved. This version, 1.1, probably represents the start of the winnowing down process rather than the end of it. Games like Battle Lore (fantasy! eek!) or Storm of Swords (more fantasy! eeek) or DG's Battlestations (miniatures! eek!) or Blue Guidon's SS Abyss (reprints! Eeek!) have caused arguments in the past. So expect the list to narrow a bit more before the final IGA candidate list is published.