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That's how the Christmas cookie crumbles...

Mister Nizz


Oh dear...

Well, unfortunately Drey was feeling under the weather and I had to take her to Kaiser yesterday, so my big plans to run OPERATION POLAR VENGEANCE will have to wait for a more convenient time (probably next year, dammit). It's a pity, but family comes before hobbies.

The scenario was quite complex, like the first one. This one takes place two years after, when Sam Scrooge-Walton has had time to recover from wounds and build up another polar invasion force. In the meantime, the Pole has seen some changes as well... a bitter, alcoholic Kris Kringle dumps his wife of 200 years for a Santa groupie. The elves are unionized and harder to get motivated now. Santa has instituted the North Pole Defense Force, a force of giant amulatory wooden soldiers, as his personal bodyguard. Sherman is disaffected and querolous, but still loyal at the core. Another elf, Hymie, is contemplating setting up his own toy company and taking several elfs with him when he goes. Professor Marvel in R&D is working on new arms designs.

Did the disaffected, dumped Mrs. Claus go live in a cottage and bake cookies somewhere? Nope. She becomes the "mole" for the Wal*Mart force and leads them into the Internal ring of the NP defense ring through ways only she would know. The scenario starts with TWO large Wal*Mart trucks breaking through the defense ring and smashing into the Toy Factory complex. As Walton has already bribed the U.S. military for a little bit of expensive satelitte time, he has managed an orbital bombardment before his troops arrived. The effect on the factory is devastating. Walton's force is beefed up this time, with far more SWAT and corporate cops then the last time, as well as the Purim Gang, representatives of a competing holiday.

So my prediction would be that it would have been a much bigger bloodbath than last time....