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New Freebie SANTA CLAUS WARS available from Two Hour Wargames

Too Late, alas!

I wish Ed Texiera had released this just a wee bit earlier than TWO DAYS BEFORE I WAS RUNNING A CHRISTMAS GAME!! Thanks, Ed!

SANTA CLAUS WARS is derived strongly from other THW systems, notably something called 5150, which I am unfamiliar with. I was considering using their urban warfare/modern rules set as a change of pace this year (TRWNN was marginal at best for last year) but I've gone aheadw with the BLOOD AND SWASH thing. I couldn't switch gears this late in the game.

Still, it's a nice little system and we might run next year's game using these rules, they look very straightforward and tidy, like a lot of TWH stuff. The game is structure specifically for Roger Webb's WARGAME SUPPLY DEPOT Santa line (great Santa and snowmen, not crazy about the elves, see last year's survey at that link), which is a good place to start. My scenario is a bit more complex than the one in the rulebook but it might be able to scale upward.

LINK FOR THE DOWNLOAD You may have to join the THW Yahoogroup to access this file.

Thanks again, Ed, and have a Merry Christmas.

Appended: I took a look at these rules while waiting to get my picture taken for a lab badge today. This ain't no rocket science, and with the exception of the somewhat complex reaction rules, are very playable. I may yet give it a try.