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NanoFic Turn 1 card phase 4 complete.. almost there

Mister Nizz

C'mon.. let's get a story going!

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Allan: Discards these cards

Resolutions: Statue built in their honor, they were finally rescued, they were never seen again.
Problem: A vehicle in Collision
Action: Brainstorm (not usuable now, out of the game)

and is given five new cards (unseen).

Jason: Plays Character: Evil Twin

Otto: Discards Char: Hippie with really long hair, Resolution: they were really in love. And draws back up to five, the replacements being hidden to everyone but Otto.

J.R. Plays an ACTION-UNCRUMPLE card to remove Setting: Polynesian Tiki Lounge from the discard pile into his story.

DISCARD STATUS-- the following cards are in the discard pile, with new ones highlighted by asterisk. Cards affected by Action cards have "--" in front of them.

The Discard Pile now holds:

-- means a card was affected by an Action card,
* means a card is new to the discard pile this turn

Underground Secret Hideout
-- Polynesian Tiki Lounge (removed by J.R.'s UNCRUMPLE ACTION card)
Dangerous Objects Factory

Bungled Robbery Attempt
Terrible Storm
Who Ate My Brownies?
* A Vehicle in Collision

Household of Three
Alien Disguised as a Human
The Millionaire
The Dude who always says "Dude"
Mischevious Children
* Hippie with really long hair (Otto)

They were given a handsome Reward..
* Statue built in their honor
* They were finally rescued (Allan)
* They were never seen again (Allan)
* They were really in love (Otto)

ACTIONS (once discarded, don't come back)
* Brainstorm (Allan)
* Uncrumple (JR played)

JR plays an action card this turn..

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