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The Lost Room

Mister Nizz



Have you been catching a miniseries called THE LOST ROOM on SF TV, starring Peter Kraus from SIX FEET UNDER?

I Tivoed it out of interest, and have been watching it avidly.. it's a delightfully original and creepy premise for a story. In a cheap hotel sometime back in 1961, "something apocolyptic happened". The objects of the occupant of that room (and the occupant himeself) have gained intrinsic power all their own. For instance, the hotel room key now can unlock ANY door in the universe, including doors long distances away (it's a handy thing to unlock a door in Arizona and walk out into New York city for instance). In the story, there are organizations like cults that have sprung up seeking and cataloguing these objects. The Peter Krause character looses his daughter in a room of that hotel and she gets sucked into ... somewhere else. The rest of the series is Kraus maneuvering amongst these societies collecitng the artifacts and trying to utilize them to get back his daughter. The story is a decent framing device for displaying the occult powers of the mundane objects in the show. It's a fascinating idea and hopefully it might become a series pilot at some point. Good work, SFTV.