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Annual Christmas Figure Survey Update for 2006

Annual Christmas Figure Survey UPDATE

Happy Holidays, believers! This is an update to the annual Christmas Holiday figure survey, the first of which was posted LAST YEAR. Most of the information on that post is still accurate. This post will update any existing lines as well as point out any limited release "holiday figures" that companies release in onesies and twosies around this time of year.

For starters, Eureka Miniatures released a bevy of TOY TOWN toy soldiers. These aren't explicitly for Christmas, but they have a magnificent "nutcracker" look to them and I include them in my Holiday themed games.

Eureka did put out a limited edition "Arky" figure (an "Arky" is their trademark logo) with an exagerated Christmas hat, for anyone ordering in the month of December. I couldn't find a picture of this figure.

Toy Town figs Available at both Eureka (AU) and Eureka (US). Ordering policies are on both website's respective shopping cart pages.

SCALE CREEP had this lovely Winter/Christmasy vignette posted on The Miniatures Page as an illustration for a news item. Alas, I cannot find any more details on it on their webpage. Direct any inquiries to Mark at Scale Creep.

Team Frog released "the Baker's Dozen".. Christmas Gingerbread men and a Pilsbury Doughboy leader:

Their order page is HERE.

WARGAME SUPPLY DUMP released a few more figures in their popular Santa Claus Wars line:

Elves "Bernie" and "Mike" (similar to existing elves. One carries a standard, the other a flamethrower).

Dead Snowmen Casualty figures:

and Dougie the anthropomorphic Singing Christmas Tree:

Ordering page is HERE.

Thanks to Jana Wang on TMP, I have discovered the 28mm Nativity Set from MAGISTER MILITUM.

Their page has been down the last three times I tried to get ordering information; I will update this when I can.

AMAZON MINIATURES "Santa Claws Gang" had a few more items and a couple of reindeer added since last year:

(no pictures are on site)

SGF08 Reindeer (2) £2.50
SGF10 Christmas Present Pack £2.50
SGF11 Christmas Poultry £2.25
SGF12 Christmas Provisions £3.00

Amazon's Santa Claws gang can be ordered directly from the catalogue page itself. General ordering policies are located here.

THUNDERBOLT MOUNTAIN had an extremely limited run of a Nativity Scene (lovely work!) but alas, it is already sold out.

Nice to know someone remembered Christmas isn't only about Santa Claus....

THE FOUNDRY has a long term tradition of putting out limited edition holiday figures and this year was no exception.

Spotted on Foundry Web Page:

Christmas Day Scrooge and Tiny Tim!

The Gnome Range from BRIGADE GAMES isn't explicitly a range of Christmas figures, but they certainly fit in a North Pole or Christmas themed game, if you squint. Regardless, there is a Santa Gnome Figure that certainly makes the cut:

Ordering policies on the respective page on the Brigade Games site, under Shopping Cart.


FREEBOOTER's "Clockwork Santa"...

HERESY has an interesting "Fallen Santa" which didn't make the cut last year:

REAPER has their trademark "Sophie" figure that has been "Santafied" in the past:

Note that Reaper has released a variant of this figure (Sophie) for the past five years running. THIS YEAR'S FIGURE is more of a "Winter theme" than a "Christmas theme" miniature, but for most part "Sophie" is sculpted around the holidays. Reaper has a large selection of Angel figures, which sort of fit the theme, too.

You Can Help with the Holiday Figure Survey!

If you know of another line of figures with a Christmas theme, please contact me, and I will update this list during the year. If you are a manufacturer with additions to your line, please contact me before December next year and I'll update next time I publish this in Dec 2007.

Thanks to all of my fellow TMPers for their suggestions!