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Time to pimp for PREZCON Winter Nationals

Mister Nizz

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P R E Z C O N will be with us shortly

The Prezcon folks are big supporters of TriaDCon, and we intend to return the favor!

Fellow Gamers:

It’s time to Register for PrezCon 2007 – February 21 – 25 at the Doubletree Hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia.. This is our 14th “Winter Nationals” The PrezCon Flyer will be in the mail to them Dec 4th, including all the latest PrezCon info.

PrezCon 2007 will have three Advanced Events, over 80 Tournament Games in seven tracks, as well as special “conventions-within-PrezCon,” including RevCon, The Settlers of Catan Regional Championship, the Titan National Tournament (TNT), and, of course, RonCon (the late-night Con for those who must game all night.) See the Event Summary link at PrezCon.com for a listing of tournaments. Use the My Schedule link to make your own printable schedule!

We look to have a great Con with more players, new games, and more game designers/developers. PrezCon offers all this in a fun, interactive, friendly, and competitive environment. In addition to Tournaments, there are game demos, open gaming, the best game exhibitors, an outstanding Auction; and convenient, wholesome and inexpensive gamer-type food and cold drinks!

Now is a great time to Register On-Line so you won’t miss out on any of the fun, save some money and you get a neat PrezCon shirt or hat.

PrezCon encourages Gamers and Game Masters to “talk up” PrezCon and their events wherever they are, on ConsimWorld, at gatherings of gamers, other conventions, etc. Your “personal invitations” to PrezCon is the most effective means of introducing gamers to our convention.

The On-Line Registration process is simple, the result complete, and you’ll be ready for the February Winter Nationals. Go to www.prezcon.com, click on the Registrations link on the left-side of the page, click Player Registration. A little thinking about choices, a few fast decisions, and You’re Done – All Set!. (And don’t forget to tell your friends….)

Best regards,

Bill Alderman
Vice President
PrezCon, Inc.