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NanoFictionary by Email Starts Monday

Mister Nizz


Ready to try Nanofic out

.. as of Monday

Please post the email you wish to have your "hand" notice sent to.

Table Locations (see the graphic for what this means)

NW Player: Otto Schmidt

NE Player: Allan Rothberg

SW Player: J.R. Tracy

SE Player: Jason Schmidt

I will send a hand to all of you this weekend. You may choose ONE card for initial placement on the "Game Table" and I will post the table picture for all to see after that.


You shouldn't have to do anything, but contact me via IM or email to get the home page I plan to post the polling applet to. All you have to do is to vote 1-10 on stories as they get posted.

I have the following people as judges:

Gary Christiansen
Charles Vassey
Matt Foster
Ian Wedge

I'll handle all the coding and cyberboard stuff.