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NanoFIC Game Setup Table Shot

Mister Nizz


And we're off and running

The PBeM Version of Nanofic starts with a card played. Here is a picture of the game table as the players see it right at this moment.

NanoFIC gamestart  table shot

This is what ALL PLAYERS know, other than the contents of their hands.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Otto played a blue SETTING card, "A Remote Tropical Island".
Allan played a blue SETTING card, "Up in the Sky"
J.R. played a green CHARACTER card, "The Bleary Eyed Waitress"
Jason played an orange PROBLEM card, "A Dead Body"

Presuming they have no COMPLICATE action cards (purple) in their hands, Otto and Allan have played their ONE setting requirement for a story. Ditto for Jason and his ONE problem. J.R. has played a character and may play any number of additional characters.

JUDGES: Nothing to judge quite yet.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Our first official CARDS PHASE, starting with a replacement of the card played (I'll handle this for you) and the players telling me what card or action they wish to take.

Emails to follow.