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Circus Maximus

bullet rocket

The Dead claim first and second

The Circus Maximus PBeM Game I was in for many weeks has finally come to an end, for me. As I've reported here, I was killed relatively early in the game when my chariot was rammed and flipped. However, CM has a screwy rule where a team can blindly roll along at the last speed it had when the driver was alive and commanding it. Fortunately for the green team, I was in a relatively clear lane after the flip and at a speed of 18, I managed to avoid corner strain and roll along at a fast clip every turn.

The same thing happened to Jaime (yellow chariot) but since his last recorded speed was 20, he managed to pull ahead of me and win the game... as a dead guy. MY dead guy finished this turn, second in the game.

So it's a grand day for the dead!!!