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BPD 2 Round 8 results delayed, Round 9 Categories released

Mister Nizz

bullet rocket


We are still waiting on Audrey for Round 8 Choices, I can't score it yet. In the meantime, no need to hold up the game, here's our next round:

Round 9, the penultimate round, focuses on the work one Mr. William Faulkner, writer, poet, playwright and drunkard of note. Again, the standard rules about the mystery letter apply.

Our mystery letter is S once again.

Category 1: The Title of ANY NOVEL written by William Faulkner

Category 2: ANY named reference in a poem by William Faulkner

Category 3: A Male Occupant of Yoknapatawpha County

Category 4: A character in Yoknapatawpha County that EXPIRES during the course of a tale.

Category 5: A Screenplay written by Faulkner

Category 6: A Female Occupant of Yoknapatawpha County.

Good luck, everyone!