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Scout Recruiting day at the Burke VFD

Mister Nizz

We went over and did the scouting recruitment thng for the Burke Volunteer Fire Department last Saturday. I thought this might be a bit of a chore but it actually was a great time. There was lots to do, with some neat little tchotchkes (& free popcorn and lemonade, too!).

(above) Jenkins! Put that down!

(above) That's a supervised activity!

(above) Take the walk of shame, kid. And don't come back until you can control your hose!

(above) Well, yes, son, I CAN hotwire public vehicles. Why do you ask?

(above) Gar mugs with giant pizza mutant. Imagine how much this job has to suck if the weather gets really hot. I bet this costume traps every fart the guy inside is ripping off. Ewwwwww.

(above) There was a lot of nifty fire and rescue stuff to clamber on. They didn't take our request to play with the Jaws of Life very seriously.

(above) Seems innocent, eh? Well, I had just told Gar the Legend of Man-Dog, Eater of Young Children, with his giant red helmet and slavering jaws! You'd be nervous too!

We had a great time, did some recruiting for scouts and actually managed to make something positive happen. It made for a fun Saturday.