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Man-Hands Challenge...

Mister Nizz

Who has the most gigantic pair of mitts?

Rightwing attack-hound Ann Coulter?

Former Barry Bonds galpal Kimberly Bell?
Editor's Note: For pictures of Kimbery Bell naked .. I refer you to the upcoming Playboy issue featuring her pictorial. This is the only picture I have of the man-handed Miss Bell (chosen for obvious reasons-- check out how her huge paw dwarfs that cell phone). Judging from the 6000 hits I received yesterday, people are eager to see Kimberly Bell nude. Sorry, I can't help you. This isn't that kind of blog.

Perhaps pretentious Food Maven Giada De Laurentis? She has a gigantic pair of maulers-- usually softened by a generous cleavage shot to distract the eye.

media whore ex-con Paris Hilton?

He male or she male? YOU decide...

Well, okay, that's not fair. In the case of Paris, we've certainly seen her girl parts on display more than once. She insists upon it.

Lastly, there's the relentlessly uber-hawtie Uma Therman. I don't care if she does have gorilla hands; she may lay a Kong smackdown on me any day of the week.