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Hastings: the Big Boy Leagues

Mister Nizz

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To War!

When it comes to reenacting sometimes the Brits just do it better. When I was a wee lad, I was a member of the MARKLAND MERCENARY MEDIEVAL MILITIA, which was a medieval history and reenacting group that didn't take itself very seriously, and the Markland folk were always able to put on some great events. Their BATTLE OF HASTINGS event was just fantastic.. hordes of people would show up and we would manage to get... oh, I dunno, maybe 100 people on the field. We felt like this was quite an accomplishment for American reenactors. I just noticed a post on TMP for the "Live Steel Reenactment" of Hastings in the U.K. that made me realize that we Marklanders weren't playing in the big boy leagues just yet.

Click on the photo above to see how it's really done. Hundreds(!) lf reenactors, many on horse.. in relatively authentic gear and using choreographed real steel weapons. Wish I could have seen this.. sigh.