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Aerial Parade

We started noticing some odd behavior out the window of my office this morning. First, a hovering Black Hawk helicopter about a mile off, marking his spot in the air.

Blackhawk, kind of fuzzy.  Click to see larger

THEN, the Air Force Thunderbirds zoom by, doing a weird aerial maneuver. A formation of three doing a fan out with a center spiral.

Go Thunderbirds, GO!

They usually do this in groups of six.

Attempt number one: LAME!

Thunderbirds aerial maneuver one

Attempt number two: SHOWS IMPROVEMENT!

Much Better, Thunderbirds!!

What was the cause of all this wonderful acrobatic activity?


(that's a flight of A-10s sweeping by, making an impressive SKRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! noise)

Turns out the GodAwful monstrosity next to the Pentagon, the thing that looks like three construction cranes, ISN'T a new close air defense item that will cast nets up to stop airplanes from crashing into the Pentagon. Too bad, that was my favorite theory.

Apparently it's the new AIR FORCE MEMORIAL site, due to be dedicated with much pomp and circumstance tommorrow. Personally, I think it's hideous, the most butt-ugly abstract memorial I've ever seen. The three "Swoops" are the cause for the mysterious "limited to three" maneuver the Thunderbirds have been practicing (and making a hash of-- we were all thinking that maybe the Navy should lend them the Blue Angels to get the job done). They want their contrails to emulated the statue in midair.

What a pity this *thing* will be here for all the future generations to see... ugh.