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New BLOG feature: leaving audio comments

Mister Nizz

bullet rocket

Hearing ourself blather on...

See that orange "Audio Central" box below the tag board on the left hand side? You can now leave audio messages here, courtesy of an application called MYCHINGO.

I found out about it on CONSIMWORLD, and it turns out MYCHINGO has a free service (my favorite kind). It is limited to only a two minute audio comment, but I don't see that as any kind of negative-- most points can be made in two minutes or less.

For detailed instructions on HOW TO LEAVE A MESSAGE, CLICK HERE. John Kranz wrote it for CSW, but the same instructions apply here.

It's a JAVA based application so your browser will have to handle it.
You will also need some form of microphone to record your voice (or whatever rude noise you feel comfortable making).

Have fun with it...