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Range Pictures of my AK47 Republic purchase

Mister Nizz

bullet rocket

Found on the RFCM Yahoogroup

As a follow up to my previous blog post, I have found pictures of almost every one of my new AK47 Republic order from Brookhurst.

17-1 Regulars or Professionals wearing Kepi

17-5 Regulars with AK47s

17-8 Regulars with RPG-7s

17-9 Regulars with LMG

17-10 Milita with Bolt Action Rifles

17-14 Mortars and Ammo (guess I'll need to buy crew Separate)

17-30 Officers wearing Berets.

One of the problems with buying ANY line off of the Internet is not being able to see what you buy. The folks over at the RULES FOR THE COMMON MAN yahoogroup, fortunately, have kept a giant archive of files and images supporting RFCM games.