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Mister Nizz

bullet rocket

Go Fly a Kite

Gar and I being at loose ends, we took our kites to the park behind his school and flew kites for a while.

My kite, MR. SALAMANDER, still flies like a bat out of hell in the right conditions. I had replaced the broken back strut with a dowel from Total Crafts which was thicker than the original... it made Mr. Salamander fly very eratically (no give whatsover) but it did fly very high indeed.

Mister Salamander

Unfortunately, Gar's scientific, oh-gee-whiz foldable kite made for kids, Froggy Head, didn't get off the ground, no matter how hard I tried.

Froggy Head

I don't mind lending out my tried and true Kite technology, so up went Mr. Salamander:

This was Gar's second or third time flying kites ever, and he loved it..

Unfortunately, it started darkening and getting a little stormy .. Mr. Salamander started bucking and spilling wind abruptly...

So I (still struggling with Froggy Head) had to yell over to Gar to start reeling in Mr. Salamander. He was bummed...

Mr. Salamander jumped around like the kite itself was pissed off about coming in on such a nice windy day.

But all good things must end... we hurried home before the rain hit...