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Eric Hotz Artworks Paper Galleys

Mister Nizz

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I'm a big fan of Roman and Greek War Galleys, and a big fan of paper models. Eric Hotz, illustrator and artist for Columbia Games, also has his own paper building and modeling company, Eric Hotz Artworks. He has recently released a largish line of variably scaled Roman warships, called ROMAN SEAS. The models are low-cost (compared to metal), reusable (buy one model, print a billion copies), and relatively easy to make by all reports.

There is also a pack of accessories, shipboard stuff like corvii, but also harborworks, villages, lighthouses and such. All primarily in 1:300 scale (but scalable up and down to other scales).

I'm cautiously optomistic... heck, ten bucks a pop is no big investment to find out.