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Raw, Buttock-Clenching Tension

Mister Nizz

Is it too early to talk "Cleo Awards"?

Now that's a tagline: "Raw Buttock Clenching Tension"...

Eating chocolate is not something most of us usually associate with raw, buttock-clenching tension. A quick straw poll around Firebox HQ showed that the closest any of us has ever come to this pleasure-meets-pain-style sensation was when we shared a tube of Smarties whilst watching the final episode of 24.

The thing is, chomping on choccy has always been a relatively humdrum experience... Until now.

The above quote is from a British choclotier (of sorts) called "firebox.com". They sell "Chocolate Roulette", a box of 6 attractively styled and tasty chocolate candies, with a twist. ONE of them has a red hot chili pepper buried inside. The idea is to hand them all out at once, and have a group of six eat them.

Pretty wacky idea... combining the fun of chocolate with the crashing denouement of Russian Roulette! Sign me up! Where was this on Valentines Day?