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Next entrant in the death Cavalcade: Grandpa Al Lewis

Mister Nizz

Al Lewis has gone on to join the choir celestial. We all know him as Grandpa, the caustic, worldly father-in-law to Herman Munster on The Munsters. He was also Officer Schnauser (paired with Fred "Herman Munster" Gwynne again) on Car 54, Where are You? For general wierdness that could rival anything that Pee Wee Herman came up with, try to find some of the ultra-rare "Uncle Al" kiddy shows he did on New York TV.


I met "Uncle Al" twice, at his bar "Grandpas" in Greenwich Village in New York City. He was always an extremely funny, engaging and self-effacing character; I was impressed that he could remember people's faces (if not their names) years after meeting them in person; he was a very cool cat in that respect. Definitely not a guy to be carried away with 'stardom', he was very approachable. Read his interview HERE.

God bless you, Grandpa Al!