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"Greater Pacific War Project" at Historicon 2006

Mister Nizz

There's a little contest for some game related swag (see bottom of this post) going on at the Greater Pacific War Project site. What is the Greater Pacific War Project, you ask? Here's the statement posted to TMP:

The Greater Pacific War Project is an educational effort to tell the story of the Pacific Theater of World War II. It is an ongoing project with major events being held at Nashcon in late Spring and Historicon in Summer of 2006. The website and forums will support historical miniature enthusiasts with information, scenearios, TO&E and plenty of advice on gaming in the period. The Pacific Theater was a lot more than a few bloody battles for sandy islands. The role played by many nations and the diversity of combat in the air, at sea, in amphibious operations, land operations, urban battles and so forth is very diverse. The project hopes to encourage gamers to look at this theater more closely and to remind visitors to the site of the history and sacrifices of this time period.

Laudable goals, I think.

From a practical perspective, it means another huge game that takes up a lot of rooms in the Distelfink room. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy the eye candy but I don't get the appeal of running games at such a large scale. Is it the sheer logistic challenge of putting on something so danged big? Visually really huge games like (I suspect) this one will be and the Arnhem game was are a delight to look at and fodder for magazine articles. Gamewise, huge games are tough to pull off unless something is going on all over the place, and that means lots of referees and players. I have played in a few extravaganzas in the past (Borodino, some of the Duke Siegried games, etc. and there's always a lot of sitting around as you spend hours moving your little command from point A two feet to point B.

So I wish these guys well, it will be quite a challenge.