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New Gaming Podcasts

Mister Nizz

There's some new podcasts in town, and both of them are very good. First of all is Point 2 Point. Jason and Scott discuss WARGAMES (hurrah, finally!) and military strategy games in their new 'cast. Episode one sets the boundries of what the podcast will be about by actually defining what wargames are and what they are not, delving into the components of a true wargame, and differentiating between gamer types. They are also located in Northern Virginia. I'd like to get them up to COLD WARS to do a live broadcast if possible.

Episode 1.

The second one is just great... Boardgames with Scott uses the YOUTUBE site that I occassionally post clips to (see below) to do a VIDEO podcast. It's really quite a simple concept, actually. The beauty of the YouTube concept is that you can embed episodes almost anywhere, like so: