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In the grand old tradition of annoying web quizzes, we present..

Mister Nizz

What Overbearing Consimworld Personality Type are YOU???

To take the test, click on the link above and click somewhere in the range between "Strongly Agree" and "Strongly Disagree" to derive YOUR CSW personality type!

(Disclaimer: this "test" is given in the spirit of fun and gentle leg-pulling. If you are offended by the results, then I apologize in advance.)

The results of MY attempt at the CSW personality type quiz are below. I'm a TRUE FAN!

You scored as The True Fan. There is a game, maybe a couple of games, that you like very, very much. You are such a fan, you can't stand to see it punished in print or on CSW. For you, _____________ (insert game) IS wargaming, plain and simple.

The True Fan


Mad Man


The Zealot


The Dry English Wit


His Divine Holiness


Mister Paranoid


The Jingoist


What CSW TYPE are you?
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