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DIPLOMACY resumes... thank goodness.

Mister Nizz

Resolving F1904, moving onward to S1905 with a new Austria

News: Austria had gone into Civil Disorder in 1904, and Mark Weston was not heard from after repeated emails. Therefore we resolved to replace him with... Jim Adams, the former British player, whose schedule was now opened up to allow gaming. Jim, as you may recall, was our first King of England. Let's hope nobody has an old grudge!! :-D

First, I rerun the turn with the correct (Non) orders of Austria, which shows him making no moves (civil disorder). It's a slightly different result:

Two results: Italy retreats and Austria loses a unit in the Balkans

Russia gets two builds, one at MOS and one at WAR:

(the map changes somewhat)

And THIS is how the map looks going into S1905

Welcome back, Jimbo!