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Treading on ground I've been to before

Mister Nizz

Revisiting the Past

Sometimes I go back to an old review to see if I still feel the same way about something years later.


I wrote THIS REVIEW in 1998, and was pretty enthusisastic about it. My wife and daughter played it in Burger King the other day and managed to get in two games AND lunch, in fairly good order.

I found my old review copy in a box of books I was taking to a used book store and thought, what the heck, I remember this being a fun little beer and pretzels thing.

Back when I was first writing reviews in the 90s, I thought I was way too enthusiastic for my reviews to be of value. I'm no Tom Vasel, of course, but I do tend to give a game the benefit of the doubt-- it's got to have something to appeal to somebody, or it wouldn't get published. Right? RIGHT?

In this instance, I have to stand by my earlier review. We had a fun time, but the game is farily innocuous and incredibly light. It does avery credible job in "simulating" a slap-fight between various Stooges. That's about all it does. I like it, but don't know if I would pay for it, even today.

So it's nice to know I'm still on target after all these years.