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Web-Geekery Award ot the Week: YouPlay.It

Mister Nizz

The WGA this week is a no-brainer. I have played many games on the remarkable YOUPLAY.IT, one of the better Play By Web implementations out there. YouPlay.It is a strong, stable and very entertaining PBW site from Italy. The games available there are:

BLUE MAX (my favorite)
VAMPIRING (designed exclusively for this site)
and a beta of WOODEN SHIPS AND IRON MEN (one of my favorite naval games! I'm giddy!)

The addition of WS&IM has really made YouPlay.It go over the top for me. I'm eagerly awaiting the chance to take the Exeter into battle:

The site is easy to navigate and the web implmentation of the games being run on the site is easy to follow. A lot of work routinely goes into YouPlay.It, and for their efforts, I dub them Masters of Web-Geekery this week.