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Recent Gaming Acquisitions

This is around the time of the year I get more new wargames/history games than any other. Sometimes I get review copies (not the 'freebie' you think they are, there's a lot of work involved in these game reviews!). Sometimes I get birthday presents. In any event, here are some recent real wargame acquisitions and my first glance opinions about them.

(have patience... Blogger, for some reason, squishs layout tables and starts them halfway down the page... fie, blogger, FIE!)

First of all, there's REVOLUTION: THE DUTCH REVOLT by
Phalanx. A very interesting game (on a small map) on a somewhat neglected
subject. Revolution simulates the Eighty Years? War between Spain and the
Netherlands. This epic struggle lasted from 1568 until 1648 and eventually
brought independence to Holland and the northern provinces. In the south,
the revolt was less successful and Belgium did not emerge as an independent
state until after the Napoleonic era. Revolution is a game I have been wanting,
because I love obscure subjects for wargames, and I like Phalanx as a company.
This is one of their more "wargamey" wargames, with the exception
of perhaps A HOUSE DIVIDED. It looks like it will be a
real hoot to play, if somewhat longish.
The New version of ROMMEL IN THE DESERT (Columbia Games)
showed up. This is a great block game simulating a simpler approach to the
North African war using blocks to retain fog of war. This game is a closer
cousin to HAMMER OF THE SCOTS than, say, EAST FRONT.
Logistics cards are very important, much like the strategy cards in Hammer.
My only problem with this is that I already own the earlier version of the
game! I guess I can trade it off.
BEYOND NORMANY is the British addition to the Panzer Grenadier system by Avalanche Press. This is my first exposure to the system, which looks reasonably straightforward and a heck of a lot easier, than, say Advanced Squad Leader or Tobruk. I intend to give this one a try. The bits are lavish; nice (somewhat glarilnly yellow) folded maps, the standard isometric squad view counters. Surprisingly thin cardstock, I thought, but the art is wonderful. Oh, it comes with 42 carefully researched and playtested scenarios...
Last, and maybe the best acquisition of the bunch, FRIEDRICH
by Histogames. I've been wanting to get this one since I played it at PREZCON
last February. The system is unique, colorful, easy to play, easy to teach
a newbie, but loaded with options (and, yes, a lot of luck of the draw).
That's okay with me, I know it's a hoot to play.
And so, with these recent acquisitions, plus the recent CONQUEST
, I suspect I've acquired more WARgames than I can
play in a year. I hope I can get at least one session in with something
soon, and if I do, you'll read about it here.