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MRNIZZ needs your suggestions

Mister Nizz

I'm contemplating a first in my life. Since the advent of the web, I've never gone out and bought web space anywhere, relying instead on the manifold freebies out there.. I mean, why not, the price is right. So I've had and have sites on Tripod, Geocities, Yahoo, Xangablogs, Bravehost, this here blogger site, and etc. I kind of mesh 'em all together with a (very neglected) "map site" that sort of points out where everything is. The problem with that approach is that it gets harder and harder to do good configuration management every month. I've been pretty active on the web since its inception; that's more than a decade of online blather. I'm thinking it might be time to consolidate, and would appreciate some advice (without it becoming spam) from some of you who have made the jump already.

My requirements are:

Lots of space (but I'm not sure how much I'll need)
FTP access
Maybe Telnet
email of some sort (does this get charged to your space overhead on most plans?)
MySQL (because I want to use a better content manaagement system than blogger)
PHP (same reason as MYSQL)
possbily CGI or PERL rights

My friend Gary "The Man Mountain" Christiansen pays about 60 bones a year for similar priveleges and that seems about right. I've found one hosting plan, LiveRack, that might offer a plan that's about right for me but I'm wondering if there are even better deals to be had.

One thng I would like to do is save all the stuff I've written here if possible. I've been blogging on Blogger for a year and on Xanga for a year before that and on Blogger for about six months before that,and it would be nice to save all that material if possible. Just for the mental records.

Any suggestions (not spam!) appreciated. Email me if you're too shy to comment.