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Hey, kids! Try a little hobby outreach some time!

Mister Nizz

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HMGS Outreach project at the VA Ren Faire!

VA Ren Fair at http://www.varf.org

First of all, a little credit where credit is due. The VA Rennaissance Faire is currently in the middle of its seasonal run at its semi-permanent location at the Lake Anna Winery in the middle of Virginia. Faire authorities made a pitch to the HMGS Board of Directors last year to somehow get a sponsorship for the faire. HMGS East, to its credit, decided to set up a quid pro quo arrangement with the Faire, where HMGS east could send 'missionairies' (or evangelists, or whatever you wanna call them) to run games. I was asked to do this last year, and said yes, with the proviso that I could recruit MR. BRIAN WHITAKER to assist in running some sort of introductory game along the lines of the stuff he runs at HMGS and NOVAG cons. I called Brian, he became a rabid advocate of the program before I even terminated the phone call. Brian is a natural showman, good sport and good friend. I like playing in his games and like his attitude. We were pretty succesful last year. THIS year the folks at the Faire were smart enough to contact the REAL tyro behind the operation and went straight to Brian Whitaker to run things. I had fun last year; I was more than happy to assist this year. Brian recruited a sturdy little crew of youngsters and oldsters (like me) to assist. The results were fantastic.. 85 to 90 people (either playing or passed out literature to) on Monday, 140-odd on Sunday, 120 or somewhat less on Saturday.

Here's some pictures. I apologize that they are so crappy, I took them with a Palm Zire 72, which isn't the best camera in the world.

Brian haranguing the crowd to victory.

Brian demonstrates how to keep the Miniature Building Authority finanically afloat.

It's dark, but something portentious just happened...

More shots of our happy little town of victims...

They sure dressed funny, but they got into the spirit of things right away.

Brian owes me a few pictures taken with a much better camera; hopefully they won't be quite so muddy.

The game was PIRATE LOOTERS, a homegrown variant of VIKING LOOTERS, a game Brian and his son Greg have run at HMGS cons for years. We found that the game was a perfect fit with the mindsets of the (mostly youtnful) audience; many of them had RPG and video game experience and were quick to pick it up.

We had some propoganda for HISTORICON to hand out; we did our manly best to get the word out for HISTORICON and the hobby in general. Without a doubt, this is a worthy effort for hobby outreach. I encourage you all to drop in to the Faire and if you have to time to volunteer running a game, try to get in touch with Brian.