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Battlestations! Minis link on TMP

Noticed this from "SaintRigger" on TMP today.

Hey guys and gals.

I finished up a batch of the Battlestations minis sculpted by Tom Mason for the battlestations game (Which is brilliant – so check it out! battlestations.info)

These guys are lanky in comparison to the other 15s I've done, but thats cool because it really gives them that fun pulp sci-fi feel.

I've included a 28mm figure in one of the pictures to give a sense of scale (and one day I might finish painting that too)

Anyways – check 'em out and let me know what you think.

Saintrigger's Gallery link

A few selected piccies:

Science types

Nice Paint Job, Saint Rigger! I'm not crazy about the human figures at all. They are too tall and too skinny. They look like a cartoon.

Still, I have to love those aliens. I could only find BIPED life at Stargrunt Minis (when I bought my human crew).

I'm only linking to a couple of piccies here, as Saint Rigger has done an excellent job of both painting and cataloguing his efforts. I posted this note because I've recently bought (and really like) BATTLESTATIONS! and am tracking developments of the miniatures line and further expansion sets. Follow the link above for the straight skinny!