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Incident at Bunnyman Bridge

Mister Nizz

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Follow up from: Another Point of Singularity: Northern Virginia's own Crazed Killer Legend!

You might recall the post I put up a month ago about Virginia's very own crazed maniac urban legend, "the Bunnyman". Every urban legend is about 90% BS but there's Alexis that 10% of hard fact that confuses the issues. I strongly recommend a visit to an article by Brian Conley, historian for Fairfax County, called THE BUNNYMAN UNMASKED. There's enough gruesome reality mixed in with the legend to give a reader an idea where all the grisly aspects of this legend come from.

It turns out that back in the early 70s, there were a rash of vandalism reports when the great building craze in the western part of Fairfax County was going on. Here's the interesting part-- the vandal was sighted many times, and every time he was sighted he was wearing a white bunny suit. For the most part he would limit himself to chopping down decorative columns on the new houses being built at the time, but in one more sinister incident, the bunny-suited vandal threw an axe through the window at a couple parked and making out on a secluded road. There are, apparently, police reports of these incidents and the police actually witnessed one of them, which lends credence to the bunny suit element of the story. (note bene, I haven't had the energy to research this)

The question one has to ask is did the fellow from the early 70s know anything at all about the EARLIER legend of the two escaped convicts that were found hanging from the railroad bridge? The two stories seem to have blended over time. Don Pierce, a work colleague, grew up around here and clearly remembers people using the Bunnyman as a sort of modern boogeyman... "don't go in them woods.. The Bunnyman will git ya"

The other night I decided to follow the map to the only location where the railroad actually passes OVER a road in the surrounding five mile area. Sure enough, the location was exactly where I thought it was:

It took a while to get there, but it was worth it. Suddenly, the road narrowed, and here it was!

That's the North end. It's definitely spooky looking at night. I can see why it has an evil reputation.

South End...

In the tunnel itself

At this stage, things started getting eerie. I definitely got a feeling that someone was watching me...

And over my shoulder, I noticed a white shape forming!

What's THAT?????

"Oh sweet mother of Christ! NOoooooooooooooooo!!!!

Out of the darkness!

Needless to say, I had to put the pedal to the metal at that point!