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Upcoming reviews: VACATION and SHEEP AND WOLVES by Jeremy Shipp

Mister Nizz

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I bumped into Jeremy on Facebook. I'm not a stalker or anything; Facebook provides a nice opportunity to get a voyeuristic window into the lives and current projects of writers I like. Those writers have friends that are writers, and maybe Facebook recommends more to you, and so on, and so on.. so on. To be utterly honest, I had some inkling of Jeremy's existence in advance, as a writer that sometimes pops into CEMETARY DANCE magazine, and I have heard his name whispered in association with something called "Bizzaro Fiction", so I croaked "Oh! That guy!" and sent him a friend request. Most writers will friend you on Facebook, that's nothing special.. it's just another way of making word of mouth happen. Jeremy seems like a nice chap, though, and ran a little "Status Update Murder Mystery" where the people on his friends list would grill him for clues and they would eventually figure it out, three minute mystery style. I liked that-- it's fun and accessible. So when he sent out a status update asking "anyone want to review VACATION and SHEEP AND WOLVES (short stories)? There' s a couple of free PDFs in it for you!" I figured, why not?

VACATION grabbed me with the first sentence, and that's a capricious enough way to get a review started in my book. So that's what I'm reading now. I hope to have it done over the weekend; we'll see. I'm trying to kill off ANATHEM for my book club one of these days, so I can't promise I'll get to SHEEP AND WOLVES quickly, but I think I can plow through VACATION quickly enough.

Stay tuned, this looks like fun.